WestWatch Home Inspection and Home Services
WestWatch Home Inspection and Home Services
WestWatch Home Inspection and Home Services

While WestWatch strives to meet all the needs of our customers, each Home and Client will require a different level of service. These Pricing Schedules are designed to meet the majority of needs that most properties and customers have and will require. We are happy to address all of your special needs for any circumstance. Special requests outside of those listed will be handled on a per-request basis and priced according to time required. Please let us know how we may be of service!

Basic Services Include: Visual inspection of lawn and landscaping; Exterior inspection of home for damage or intrusion; Removal of mail, newspapers and flyers; Interior security check; Check operation of A/C, humidistat, circuit breakers and smoke detectors; Check refrigerator, sinks, water heater, showers and tubs for leaks, moisture or mold; Run faucets, dishwasher, garbage disposal and clothes washer; Flush toilets; Water indoor plants; Check for signs of water leaks, pest infestation, mold and mildew; Check pool, pumps, and lanai furniture; provide e­mail report and photos.

This agreement authorizes WestWatch to monitor the interior and exterior of your home or condominium and/or perform contracted services. Key, security codes, and gate codes must be provided. The Homewatch service is intended to identify possible problems and notify you of these issues. Should immediate action be deemed necessary, attempts to minimize or secure the problem will be made immediately and further action will be taken according to your instructions and the immediate nature of the event. While all reasonable precautions are taken, this is not a preventative service. WestWatch shall not be held responsible for any damages or repairs outside of our scheduled home watch services contract.

Basic Homewatch Services

Weekly: $45/month
Bi-Weekly: $65/month
Monthly: $75/month

Auto Watch

Gold Plan: Test drive and Scheduled Services $100/month
Silver Plan: Visual Inspection, turn over engine $35/month

Marine Watch

Gold Plan: Run engine in water and flush engine once per month $55/month
Silver Plan: Visual inspection, test anchorage $35/month

Closing Services - $75.00 per service

Empty perishables from fridge, empty and turn off icemaker, close blinds, set a/c and humidistat to away settings, unplug electrical items, turn off water at house, unplug or turn off breaker to the water heater, unplug washer and dryer and shut off water to washer, ice maker bring in lanai/pool furniture, ensure trash removal, bring in containers, and check security of doors and windows.

Opening Services - $75.00 per service

Turn on electric breakers, turn on main water, turn on water to washer, turn on hot water heater and ice maker, plug in electrical items, adjust A/C and humidistat, open blinds.

Emergency Services - $75.00 per service

If you would like Emergency Response Services, Please notify your alarm company and local Police Department that WestWatch is a key holder and not a security company. As such, we will respond to alarmnotifications in as timely a fashion ASAP schedule permitting. Service call charges include property inspection after alarm event notification and re­arming system. Owner will be notified if there are any visible signs of intrusion or damage, and will be sent an e­mail report with photos.
WestWatch will send out an alert e­mail if there is an Earthquake event for the San Francisco Bay Area, California. At your request, we will check on your home post any natural or unforeseen catastrophic event. WestWatch will inspect your property, look for visible signs of damage or anything else of consequence, take photos and send a detailed report to the owner following any immediate and necessary services that are performed.

Concierge Services

The following concierge services are available upon request to our property owners:

Airport Transportation - Call for Pricing
Contractor Supervision - $55 per visit, $25 ea. Additional ½ hour
Meet Deliveries, Repairmen, Utilities - $55 per visit, $25 ea. Additional ½ hour
Meet Family Members, Guests, Tenants - $55 per visit, $25 ea. Additional ½ hour

Cleaning/Rental Services

Pre-Arrival Cleaning - Call for Pricing
Departure Cleaning - Call for Pricing
Deep Cleaning - Call for Pricing
Deep Cleaning - Call for Pricing

Emergency Call - Call for Pricing
Tenant Lockouts - Call for Pricing
Handyman Services - Call for Pricing
Mail P/U and forwarding at your request plus postage
Scheduled Maintenance - Call for Pricing